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How to Decorate a Small Apartment

How to Decorate a Small Apartment

With some planning around multipurpose furnishings and visual tricks that make apartments appear larger, you can make a stylish, functional home.

Tiny doesn’t have to feel cramped or cluttered. Follow these 8 savvy small apartment decorating ideas if you don’t know how to decorate a small apartment.

So, get ready to transform your modest square footage into a spacious-feeling living space.

8 Smart Ways to Decorate a Small Apartment

8 Smart Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Apartment

Choose Furniture that Serves Double Duty

People who live in small apartments should have furnishings that can be used for more than one thing. Look for things like storage ottomans that can be used as seats and have storage hidden away.

Look for beds that have big drawers under them. A small desk that folds up when not in use is a good choice.

Multifunctional furniture essentially gives you more use out of less physical floor area. Stack, fold, or stow away pieces when you need a little more room. Dual-purpose decor expands your options.

Build Up Your Storage Capacity

Speaking of stowing, storage is make-or-break for small apartment interior design. You’ll want to maximize every nook and cranny to keep clutter contained. Use baskets, bins, and boxes to hold items you don’t access often.

Install floor-to-ceiling shelving, buy used bookcases to custom fit, and focus heavily on vertical storage space since the horizontal room is limited. Getting things up and off the floor helps tremendously.

Define Separate Zones in Open Floor Plans

Define Separate Zones in Open Floor Plans

Apartments often have studio layouts where the living and sleeping areas flow together. Use area rugs in contrasting styles to designate different zones like lounging versus sleeping.

Strategic room dividers like screens or curtains also help delineate functional spaces. Floating shelves, distinct lighting schemes, paint colors, and purposeful furniture arrangements further distinguish each zone’s vibe.

Incorporate Smart Curtain Solutions

Window curtains present challenges in petite apartments, obstructing precious light and taking up wall space. Get creative with compact curtain options like tension rods, and hanging panels only where truly needed privacy-wise.

Or opt for accordion-style partitions, roll-up bamboo shades, or narrow strip curtains that cover less area when drawn. Custom cut small curtains to fit odd window proportions. Make every inch of drapery count!

Choose Neutrals and Light Colors

Deep, bold paints and fabrics tend to close in small rooms. Stick to light, airy, neutral backgrounds for your walls, furniture, and flooring. Cream, tan, pale gray, and white keep things calm and bright.

Then layer in pops of color and texture with accent decor like throw pillows, small paintings, indoor plants, and colorful dishware. This way your small apartment feels clean, crisp, and expanded rather than loud and overwhelming.

Use Mirrors to Double Dimension

Use Mirrors to Double Dimension

Mirrors double the eye’s perception of space, making small rooms appear much larger. Angle mirrors across from windows to reflect the outdoors indoors. Use mirrored closet doors to compound storage space.

Or hang a statement mirror strategically on your focal wall to double its decorative impact. Mirrors make magic through the illusion of added room size. Take advantage of these flashy space-enhancers.

Let the Light In!

Dark, gloomy interiors can make any room feel smaller and more confined. Flood your small apartment with light! Supplement windows with mirror accents, hanging bulbs, and lighting. Bright, airy decor opens up the space.

Sheer window treatments also allow light through while providing privacy. And for a natural glow, keep windows uncovered as often as comfortable. Light is your best friend here for an expansive, welcoming ambiance.

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Seek Out Multipurpose Design Elements

Like your furniture, even singular decor elements can serve more than one function if thoughtfully chosen. An upholstered bench offers seating and storage.

Floating wall shelves display treasured items while eliminating the floor space standard bookcases would require.

Repurposed ladders work wonderfully to hang linens and towels while taking up little areas. Creatively use every piece you bring in to pull multiple duties and maximize usefulness. Constraints breed inventive design solutions!


Living in a small apartment in the city can be hard at times, but with some smart decorating choices, it can feel like home.

Don’t get worried about how to decorate a small apartment. Try focusing on furniture that can be used for more than one thing and fits into small spaces.

Add storage up to the ceilings and use visual tricks to make your small palace feel big.

You can add your style to your studio flat or small apartment by following these basic small-space design ideas. Tiny is doable, and when done right, it can even feel freeing! Take pleasure in the task of decorating your first little apartment.

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