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What is Modern Classic Interior?

Modern Classic Interior Design


The classic interior style originated from European culture. Examples are Victorian style, Art Deco, Greek, and Roman mixing classic design with modern design, resulting in the evolution of modern classic interior design.

A stylish and creative touch in a classy design is perfect for a home. Modern classic is a popular choice as it is the essence of modern interior design with the simplicity and elegance of classic style, and the result will be a clean and beautiful environment that stays with us longer.

The most relieving thing about the modern classic style is that you don’t spend less money to pull off this style.

A Mixture of Modern and Traditional Styles

This style features sleek, simple and contemporary lines paired with traditional furniture, accessories and finishes.

Modern Classic interior design is a perfect mixture of traditional and contemporary that somehow works and has become highly popular among the world-famous interior designs and styles.

Neutrals in modern classic homes are the finest blend of warm and fantastic themes.

Go for your comfort while decorating your place with this style, as the modern classic style is unlike the stuffy and untouchable spaces from the past.

You can easily choose the furnishings that feel comfortable, casual and soft. In recent years, it has emerged as a unified style in the interior design industry, with whom you can experience a cozy feel while considering a luxurious life.

Essentials of Modern Classic Interior Designs

The following are the essentials of such type of interior designs that you should consider:

  • Color:

Colour is the main ingredient in the decor of modern classic design. You can create perfect decoration by selecting the most suitable colors for your interior walls and windows.

Their most crucial color palette consists of brown, chocolate brown, rose gold, beige, black, white, blue-gray, silver and gray colors. You’ll also find deep greens, navy, rich brick and rust tones. 

  • Furniture:

The furniture for a modern classic interior is the main factor that transmits all the essence of this style and creates and incorporates a perfect space that gives a comfortable ambiance.

Therefore, the furniture’s color, patterns and material should be selected carefully. Having a modern chest of drawers with a simple mirror introduces the best traditional, modern mashup.

Also, a modern bed with traditional sights and dining tables with traditional pottery would be perfect. 3/4th of your furniture should be current; the rest 1/4th should be vintage, classy or traditional.

Keeping this balance will be tricky, but it will help you to maintain the stunning modern classic designs that don’t lean too modern or traditional. Furniture should have the possible and minimum engraving in this interior style.

  • Simple, Timeless Patterns

This style is about striking a distinctive balance between new, modern, and simple with old, weathered and storied. It’s essential to keep your patterns simple when decorating with bedding, throw blankets and pillows.

Textures work best with this style -quilted patterns, linen and velvet frequently make an adorable appearance when you decorate in the modern classic style. 

The patterns and prints you’ll see with this style are usually solids, stripes, vintage, or small pattern prints. You will not see bold, large scale and bright patterns in this style.\ shouldn’t draw too much attention, but they should be supporting players.

  • Decorative Accessories

Simple accessories and decorations give the most robust look to your home. You can use a single flower vase and place it in the center of the table.

Modern classic-style accessories should be made of glass, steel, and wood. You can also use wall paintings with abstract art or a canvas without a frame, simple wood or metal framework.

You can add blinds and curtains with a modern traditional theme of various color combinations as modern style vibrant coloured curtains with conventional decorum.


The lampshade is one of the essential lighting accessories in modern, classic interior design. A standing light lampshade with elegant, narrow, simple geometrical lines will be ideal.

Also, marble, crystal or brass glass are practical accessories. You can add antiques to the modern classic designs, as antiques are always better than mass-produced accessories. You can place an antique lampshade without any doubt but within a limited number.

  • Dramatic Effects

Dramatic effects should stand out in the modern traditional interiors. Use one or two exaggerated products, as it should never be the central theme of the contemporary classic home.

This dramatic effect should be displayed in artwork, coloring, and many other ways. Modern classic design is related to perfection, simplicity and elegance.

Interior designers believe that this style is highly obsessed with a touch of dramatic features, but they strictly avoid showing exaggeration in such an effect. Using a more dramatic theme will disturb the modern classic design.

  • Flooring

As floors have a pivotal value in any decor and style of home, they have to bear heavy foot traffic and many other hardships regularly.

The flooring of such style should be neutral coloured. Pale and soft carpets with wood flooring show a warm color spectrum, the best choice for modern classic interior design.

The carpets and mats’ textures are essential as flooring is impartial. Berber carpets(Hand woven carpets by the Berber people in North Africa and the Sahara), sisal rugs, hides and jute carpets are best for a transitional style.

You should use rugs of traditional colors like red, yellow, and blue.


The above discussion gives you an idea of modern classic interior design. This blog covers the maximum details of such design, with the help of which you can easily share your home an uncluttered look of modern traditional design.

Suppose you are facing difficulty doing it yourself. In that case, you can hire who will flawlessly give your desired trendy classic to your place with a perfect balance of traditional and modern touches.

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