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Top Penthouse Interior Design Ideas for a Modern Look

Top Penthouse Interior Design Ideas

Penthouses are special homes at the top of tall buildings. They have amazing all-around views of the city. Designing the inside of a penthouse gives you lots of ways to make a modern, luxurious home.

From nice furnishings to smart home technology, interior design can make a penthouse one-of-a-kind. This article talks about top penthouse interior design ideas for a modern look

Top Penthouse Interior Design Ideas to Keep it Modern

Keep It Simple

Using a simple style is key to making a penthouse look modern. Focus on clean lines, hidden storage, neutral colors, and lots of natural light.

Concrete floors, wood, and glass are popular surfaces that go well with cozy things like fur throws and plants. Built-in shelves and closets can hide clutter. The simple look makes a calming space like an art gallery.

Keep It Simple

  •  Creates a calming, uncomplicated aesthetic
  • Focuses attention on views and architecture
  • Feels spacious and airy
  • Easy to keep tidy
  • Allows flexibility to switch décor

Fitting Skylights

Adding skylights to a penthouse ceiling allows plentiful natural light to stream into the bedroom interior design. Skylights open up rooms to feel more expansive and make the space seem larger than it is.

Positioning seating areas purposefully under skylight windows enables stargazing at night. For penthouses with impressive city views, skylights also enhance sightlines by creating depth. The right skylight design can transform not just the aesthetic but the ambiance of rooms.

Fitting Skylights

  •  Allows abundant natural light
  • Makes rooms feel more expansive
  • Adds architectural visual interest
  • Can enhance views from windows
  • Provides stargazing opportunities

Walk-In Wardrobes

Luxurious penthouses should indulge occupants with spacious walk-in wardrobes to store clothing and accessories.

Customizing walk-in closets by zoning areas for different uses and building tailored storage solutions makes finding what you need effortless.

The experience of getting dressed feels upgraded with a well-designed walk-in wardrobe, not to mention the sheer volume of items you can neatly tuck away. Walk-in wardrobes lend top penthouse interior design seamless functionality alongside style.

Walk In Wardrobes

  • Provides plenty of storage space
  • Allows room for a large collection of clothes/shoes
  • Can be customized with drawers, shelves, islands, etc
  • Gives getting dressed experience a sense of luxury
  • Easy to keep organized to find what you need

Streamlined Kitchen

The kitchen is an important spot for hanging out when you have visitors. To make a kitchen design modern, focus on smooth, simple designs.

Quartz countertops, handle-less cabinets, steel appliances, and marble backsplashes look contemporary.

Consider islands with secret storage inside and fixtures like wall-mounted faucets. Sophisticated black and white with shiny metal accents make a dream kitchen.

Streamlined Kitchen

  • Looks sleek and contemporary
  • Easy to clean with smooth surfaces
  • Maximizes efficiency of layout
  • The statement finishes like quartz pop
  • Flexible island seating

Spa Bathrooms

What’s better than soaking in a tub with city views? The modern bathroom design should feel like a spa. Rain showers, soaker tubs, and heated floors turn basic bathrooms into relaxing spaces.

Instead of regular tiles, use nice wood, terrazzo, or porcelain brick. Chrome fixtures, floating sinks, and backlit mirrors look more modern. Don’t forget techs like digital controls for lights, music, and temperature.

Spa Bathrooms

  • A relaxing ambiance helps you unwind
  • Luxurious materials feel indulgent
  • Tech allows customization
  • Heated surfaces keep you cozy
  • Great for enhancing wellness routines

Flexible Lighting

Putting lights on dimmers and automatic systems lets you change the mood. Use hanging lights, wall lights, and under-cabinet lights to highlight different areas.

Try color-changing bulbs and shadow boxes to create depth. Connect voice control so you can easily manage lighting, music, and temperature with speech. Flexible lighting gives modern pent houses a customizable, techy personality.

Flexible Lighting

  • Sets moods for different occasions
  • Creates focal points on architectural details
  • Allows rooms to transform functionality
  • Voice controls increase convenience
  • Lets you program personalized scenes

Indoors & Outdoors

Top Penthouse interior design are high up so they’re perfect for indoor/outdoor design. Use similar outdoor furniture, plants, water, and heating to blur lines between areas.

Retractable glass doors open rooms to fresh air and views. Stop wind with covers and garden walls. Make hangout spaces on terraces with seating, fire pits, or hot tubs. Good indoor/outdoor connections let you enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort.

  • Extends living space
  • Blurs boundaries between rooms
  • Brings natural elements indoors
  • Provides both private and community areas
  • Helps the penthouse feel unique

Eco-Friendly Materials

Using sustainable design cuts environmental impact without changing style. Choose FSC wood, natural stone, and organic textiles like wool, cotton, and leather.

Repurposed materials like recycled wood or glass-filled concrete make great accent walls. Renewable bamboo can replace regular hardwood floors.

Solar power, passive heating/cooling, and smart home tech reduce waste. Every eco-friendly penthouse needs sustainability at its core.

  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Supports ethical manufacturing
  • Can save money long-term
  • Creates healthy indoor air quality
  • Makes sustainable design statement

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Things to Consider While Choosing an Interior Design for a Penthouse

When designing the luxurious top penthouse interior design, there are special considerations to factor in compared to an average home. Consider the following:

  • Views: Floor-to-ceiling windows, minimal furnishings, and neutral colors allow the exterior views to take center stage. Strategically place seating areas to spotlight the vistas.
  • Space: With lofty ceiling heights, use layered rugs and horizontally aligned art to make the space feel welcoming. Break up open concept spaces into separate functional zones.
  • Style: Determine the overall aesthetic you want from sleek contemporary to opulent glam. Ensure cohesive style flows between rooms.
  • Features: Include special features like wet bars, wine fridges, entertainment books, private terraces, and temperature-controlled spaces for collections.
  • Scale: Proportion is key so oversized art, sectionals, beds, and statement pieces balance airy penthouse proportions.
  • Comfort: Design flows seamlessly between indoors and outdoors. Use weatherproof, durable yet comfortable materials outside. Inside, include plush furnishings.
  • Acoustics: Minimize outside noise with soundproof windows. Use soft surfaces and ambient music to make large open spaces warmer.
  • Automation: Integrate home automation like motorized window coverings, climate control, lighting adjustments, and entertainment. Consider an integrated smart home hub.
  • Convenience: Maximize storage and functionality with lots of closet space, multipurpose rooms, and speedy elevators.


Making a modern penthouse means keeping it simple, using open spaces and nice finishes. Connect indoor and outdoor areas with bathrooms, cool kitchens, and flexible lighting.

Focus on sustainability with renewable, energy-efficient, and waste-reducing materials and systems.

By following these top penthouse interior design ideas for a modern look, you can achieve a dreamy interior. You can also hire Luxe Interior for doing this all job professionally.

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