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Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Design for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Design for Your Home

The walls of your home make up a large part of its overall look and feel. Choosing the right wall design is important to create an aesthetic that reflects your style and provides the backdrop you want for your furnishings and decor. 

When designing your wall décor and treatments, there are several key factors to consider from lighting to color to storage and display options.

Read on for 8 tips for choosing the right wall design for your home that gives your home the perfect personalized touch.

Best Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Design

Consider the Lighting

The way light hits your walls impacts how colors and textures are seen and the mood they create. Be sure to consider the room’s light sources when selecting right wall design:

  • North-facing rooms with indirect natural light can handle darker accent walls but may wash out subtle color variations. Go for solid, lighter neutrals or varied textures.
  • South or west walls with direct sunlight should avoid glossy finishes that could create glare. Matte or eggshell paints better handle intense light.
  • Artificial lighting like recessed ceiling lights or table lamps cast light in a narrow path. Use this to your advantage to highlight specific wall attributes.
  • For consistent lighting, mirrored or semi-gloss walls reflect and spread light around.

Take stock of each room’s lighting to determine if cool, neutral walls or bold colors suit the space best. The goal is to choose a wall color and texture combo that lighting can enhance.

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Wall Mirrors

Hanging mirror panels or arranging a collection of framed mirrors make for an easy yet dramatic focal point. Mirrors creatively used on right wall design serve several design functions:

  • Visually expand smaller spaces
  • Reflect all-important lighting
  • Introduce depth, angles, and textural interest
  • Serve as an alternative to pricey artwork

When choosing mirrored walls, consider going beyond basic rectangle shapes to create artistic flair. Ovals, circles, diamonds, or asymmetric cuts add panache.

Lean mirrors against each other in geometric formations or hang them salon-style for lots of reflective shine and visual expansion.

Just take care not to go overboard in tight spaces or you may create a disorienting funhouse effect.

Wall Mirrors


Decorating your walls with paintings, photography prints, tapestries, or unique 3D pieces adds creativity. The art you choose should go with the wall color for right wall design, not against it.

First, pick a wall color scheme that is neutral or has soft colors that won’t overpower the art. For bright or big pieces that make a statement, keep the walls around them clean.

When putting together different kinds of art, use color schemes or schemes that go together. Display floral paintings over your sofa, black-and-white cityscape images down a hallway, or food-focused still-life prints in the dining area.

Mix up the sizes and frames of your art in more eclectic designs, but stick to two or three color groups to keep the look balanced. Unevenly arrange things, making sure that the artwork is properly spaced between groups.

Consider Your Colors

Just like carefully chosen artwork, the right wall design color ties your whole room together. Sure, safe white or off-white is always a solid choice, but a splash of well-placed color speaks volumes.

When selecting a color, first consider the room interior design elements like flooring, furniture finishes, and permanent fixtures.

Maintain a 60-30 ratio with 60 being a dominant neutral or mild wall color and 30 accent tones. This produces a coherent design where bold colors can shine without overpowering.

Lighter colors widen space, whereas darker ones form boundaries and make barriers appear closer. In compact rooms, employ richer navy blues, emerald greens, and muted pastels.

Here are suggested pairings of 60-30 wall colors by room:

  • Living Room: Pale gray walls with one raspberry accent wall
  • Bedroom: Light blue walls with lemon-yellow bed wall.
  • Dining Room: Eggshell white with deep red picture wall
  • Kitchen: Almond walls with turquoise backsplashes and tile

Consider colors in interior design

Wall Shelves and Display Units

Searching for creative storage beyond basic built-ins? Right Wall Design have wall shelving and display units keep items organized while accentuating your design style.

Floating shelves showcased decor items normally tucked away make great living room features. Supersize artfully arranged bookcases to build that dream reading nook.

Display collectibles like stacked plates or miniature skylines together on oversized grid shelves.

In small homes and apartment interior design, vertical wall storage proves invaluable. Install utility rails fitted with hooks by the front door to neatly arrange coats and hats.

DIY industrial pipe fittings mounted floor-to-ceiling in the mudroom provide a handy place to tuck shoes.

Likewise, wire storage cubes mounted to the wall of a kid’s room keep toys neat yet accessible. Tailor shelving and displays to suit each room’s needs all while adding a visually appealing dimension to walls.

Trendy 3d Wallpaper

Wallpaper opens a world of possibilities for injecting color, texture, and creative flair. From floral prints to geometric shapes and nature scenes, modern wallpaper patterns pop compared to predictable paint.

Murals take this to the next level with expansive images sprawling across entire accent walls.

Gone are the days of frustrating wallpaper projects. Today’s peel-and-stick wallpapers easily mount onto right wall design with no sticky adhesive mess.

Likewise, removable wallpaper allows you to change styles frequently. Use these simple applications to unleash wallpaper’s pattern play possibilities without permanence.

Trendy 3d wallpapers

Wall Hanging Products

With mounted storage tracks, grid shelves, and wire utility baskets, you can turn empty walls into useful features.

Wall hooks, hanging shelves, and vertical storage cubbies do more than just keep things out of the way. They can also be used to creatively show off your favorite accent pieces.

Innovative designs can take wall storage to a whole new level. Or, place groups of boxes, crates, and displays of different sizes in a way that looks like a sculpture. Right Wall Design storage looks good and works well no matter how it is set up.


The walls in your home shouldn’t just be blank. Customize the wall coverings and decorations to match your style, improve lighting, help with organization, and affect your mood.

When you design the walls in each room, keep these tips for choosing the right wall design for your home in mind. 

That way, your choices will tell a cohesive design story that is just right for you. You can also get help from Interior Design Company in Dubai and give those blank walls a stylish voice by adding color, texture, storage solutions, and art that speaks to you.

Now that there are so many wall-covering choices, the ways that you can personalize your space are endless.

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